• Implant placement
• Crowns over implants
• Hybrid prosthesis over implants

• Screwing bridges over implants


• Cleaning of dental tartar
• Scaling and air polishing of teeth


• Crowns
• Dental bridges
• Dentures
• Inley
• Onlay

Endodontic treatment

• Root canal treatment

Root canal filling

Aesthetic dentistry

• Composite bonding on frontal teeth

• Veneers

Ceramic veneers are custom made phacetes  that cover the frontal side of the teeth. They are really thin (from 0.3- 0.5 mm) and could be produced from feldspastic porcelain or lithium disilicate, usually transparent in the original color or brighter , when it is necessary to mask a darker tooth color. Litium disilicate material is good to the gingival surrounding tissues, optimally resistant to chewing forces and breakage.


  • chipping
  • discoloration
  • big unaesthetic fillings
  • spaces between teeth
  • smaller or uneven teeth

Compared to preparation for standard dental crown, the preparation of teeth for veneers is really gentle because is less than 0.5mm.


Maintaining of impeccable white teeth color is not easy at all. Drinking coffee, tee, red wine, smoking and certain colored food lead to teeth discoloration. The way out from this situation is professional bleaching with modern chemicals, such as different percentage of carbamide peroxide. Before bleaching usually thorough cleaning and scalling of teeth is necessary.

• Zirconium crowns, bridges, inleys and onleys

Cubic zirconium is an excellent material for all white restaurations, because of its longterm biocompatibility, strength and pressure resistance.  The new generations of cubic zirconium are radiantly colored in dentine and cervical parts while semitranslucent in the incisal parts.  The аbility to imitate the enamel opalescence with different layering porcelain and staining techniques are decisive factors for ideal esthetics. и коронки на импланти. Their precision fit of 50 microns relies on the CAD/CAM technique.

  • Although metalceramic crowns and bridges are still in use for the back teeth, they are not advised in the visible area of the frontal teeth, because of their esthetic limitations that come like grey margin after couple of years of using.

Preventive and restorative services

• Teeth ultrasound cleaning

• Sealants
• Night guards