Welcome in Dentizar, a specialized dental office in prosthodontics, located nearby the mountain Vodno in the neighborhood Crnice, only 15 minutes walk from the city center of Skopje, Macedonia. The office exists from 2005 and represents the outcome of hardworking dr. Irina Trajkovska- Zareska.

Our greatest concern are the patients needs and expectations, therefore we implement methods and materials of the highest quality, so the long-term relations with our patients are built on trust.

In Dentizar, we solve from the most simple to the most complex cases, which sometimes need interdisciplinary approach of several dental specialties (prosthodontics, oral surgery and orthodontics). Continuing lifelong education, learning and skills improvement is our everyday motto, as well as investment in new technology.

A beautiful, healthy smile is a reflection of your care for your own health and good looks. With a smile like that, you walk more attractive and more confident in everyday life. That’s why we are here.


"It is amazing how "complex" procedures can be so simple in the hands of experienced and confident professionals. I was so scared hearing about "horror" stories regarding dental implant surgery that I was so closed to cancel everything and accepting that having a hole(s) in your jaw is not a big problem. Lucky, I found common sense and started my "adventure" with Dr Mr Irina Zareska. My first visit was back in April, to inserts dental implants. The procedure was less then 20 min, team work among oral surgeon Dr Kovacevski and Dr Zareska was perfect. I was given all advices of post procedure care and was ready for a week of painful recovery. But, I didn't have almost any pain , swelling or infection. She took the stitches after a week . Back home in UK, I've continued with all normal activities without any problem. Second visit was in late June, again for a week. This was when she took all measures, did modeling and prepare two more short bridges. Her protethic technician overcome short time to finish all before my journey back in UK. Final outcome is brilliant new look of my lower jaw, which all settled after only couple of days.
There is no doubt the Dr Zareska established high professional dental practice by all standards. Her skills as a implant surgeon are well known, but what makes her practice inviting is the atmosphere of relaxing environment where the patients fill to be well looked after. It is almost very warm homely place rather then cold medical practice. The staff at the practice are very professional and they all add to the whole atmosphere. I am very pleased that I've choose Dentizar for my dental implants surgery. My dentist back in UK praised the work done by Dr Zareska. I will highly recommend her as exceptionally skilled , friendly and confident dental implants surgeon. It is money well spend.

Dr Milan Sapundzieski,
PhD Consultant radiologist, Manchester UK"

− Dr Milan Sapundzieski, PhD Consultant radiologist, Manchester UK

"Overall, I am very pleased with the excellent work and qualities of Dr. Irina TRAJKOVSKA and the staff of her dental office “Dentizar” in SKOPJE (Republic of Macedonia). I have been mainly treated by Dr. Irina TRAJKOVSKA ZARESKA for the extraction of a wisdom tooth and extraction of a lower second molar, and for the insertion of a dental implant, restored with of a crown molar.All these delicate operations were performed in very good conditions, and within a relatively short time.The quality of the afforded service as well as the novelty and good state of the dental equipment, as well as great cleanliness of the dental office “Dentizar” , instruments, and operating field contributed to make successful, the different steps of the implantation procedure.Moreover, I was always treated with kindness, and very well received by Dr. Irina TRAJKOVSKA ZARESKA and her staff, providing me with a feeling of comfort and relaxation in her office.-Jean- Jacques, France"

− Jean- Jacques, France

"I would highly recommend the services of Dr. Trajkovska-Zareska because after being treated in her clinic, finally I fully regained back my ability to chew after years of troublesome experiences from my previous treatments and inferior dental solutions provided by other Doctors."

− Katica, Serbia

"During the last 18 months, I have had numerous treatments at Dentizar Dental Practice, including two porcelain fillings and the removal of a wisdom tooth.
I have also received orthodontic treatment from an outside source, performed at the premises.
I am very happy with the quality of service I receive each time, the staff are always courteous and professional and are good at making you feel relaxed.
The surgery is always spotlessly clean and it has a comfortable ambience, unlike any previous surgery have visited.
I have found all of the procedures to be very good value for money and I would definitely recommend Dentizar Dental Practice to friends and acquaintances and have already done so on several occasions.
Kelly, England

− Kelly, England

"Seeing a dentist is a very unpleasant event in most people's lives. My own experience with you, however, has taught me - already on our second meeting - about your excellent skills and empathy and thus given me a feeling of total confidence in your capabilities. Indeed you happened to be my guardian angel in freeing me from this terribly aching and totally infected German implant by replacing it with a new one, which I'm no longer even aware of.
I've strongly recommended you to all my friends, emphasizing the utmost care, tidyness and responsibility patients encounter in your surgery. I'm convinced of your skills and keep my fingers crossed for your - hopefully - successful career as a dentist.
Robert, Germany.

− Robert, Germany